Rome Professional Video

Why is a professional video of your trip to Rome a good idea?

The Eternal City of Rome is such an expansive and exciting city with countless things to see, do, eat, hear, and experience, that having a professional video of this special time lets you and your family and friends enjoy Rome without worrying about missing out on the memories! It is the age of the « selfie, » but taking time to snap the perfect photo of sights or yourself, takes away from savoring the moments of your limited time. Plus, you can never truly capture the best memories, ones you didn’t even think about – like the first time you turn the corner and see the Pantheon, or the laughter with friends strolling through the delectable Campo dei’ Fiori fruit and vegetable market.

Rome is a beautiful, sometimes dizzying experience. With larger groups, getting everyone in on a picture is a task itself. Our partner professionals will create a video of your holiday’s special moments beautifully filmed by expert hands. Capture your family vacation, romantic honeymoon, birthday extravaganza, friends bucketlist trip, or just a special moment with someone special in an « eternal » way, with all the energy and liveliness ready to replay right before your eyes.

What will you get?

  • Expert hands working under a film company run by professional videographers and TV directors with many years of experience.
  • Discreet filming during your holiday at locations previously discussed together
  • Edited HD video of your visit to Rome’s iconic monuments, celebrations in bars and restaurants, romantic moments, family time, and all those moments you wish to cherish. Take a ride on a ‘Vespa’ and relive the excitement of Roman Holiday.
  • A copy uploaded on a password-protected site to share with friends and family

Prices – Ask us for prices!  Email:

Note: One day of shooting makes approx: 6 minutes of edited video

Contact us to reserve your day(s) of video shooting today! Inquire more at

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